Never has our planet been under a greater NUCLEAR THREAT than now.

Thousands of nuclear weapons are floating about the former Soviet Union and perhaps hundreds are unaccounted for.

The United States had an opportunity to purchase or otherwise control these weapons after the fall of the Soviet Union but typical U.S. government incompetence prevented us from helping to thwart a looming NUCLEAR THREAT. It is still not too late to work with Russia and other nuclear powers to make the world a safer place, although I feel certain that numbers of nuclear devices have slipped through the cracks and have already fallen into the hands of our enemies.

Due to America's rabid and vindictive preemptive invasions of entire independent nations, rather than simply targeting known terrorists, we have insured that terrorism against us will escalate. The Koran is very definite about the fact that Muslims must work toward peace but if attacked they are obligated to protect their persons and their families. By virtually destroying Iraq because of our dislike of a single individual, we have unleashed a hatred against America that did not exist until our sadistic assault.

Our country has perpetrated extreme violence against nations in the Muslim world and thus we must expect the consequences for our terroristic tactics against innocent men, women and children, in our misguided war against "terrorism", concocted by neo-fascist bureaucrats in order to justify an endless war, designed to line the pockets of the military industrial complex so feared by Dwight Eisenhower.

Those radical, genuine terrorists who are indeed bent on destroying America are no doubt planning to detonate a nuclear device in a major American city. In my opinion, Houston, Texas is the most likely target. Terrorists no doubt watched in glee as they observed the chaos and incompetence of Homeland Security and FEMA in evacuating citizens from the Texas Gulf Coast before the onslaught of Hurricane Rita.

There must be a virtual circus of grins and laughter in the terrorist cells as our enemies plot the detonation of a nuclear device in Houston and then contemplate the certain complete and total chaos as the populace futilely attempts to flee in unison, this time without warning.

Nuclear-armed terrorists are also aware of the critically vulnerable state of our energy-producing infrastructure in the Houston metroplex, caused by both "Rita" and fundamental flaws in design that exposes our petro-chemical complexes to assault. One only has to watch television news to see this, so it is certainly no State Secret.

Just as we were warned time and time again over a period of several years about terrorists using airplanes to crash into major buildings in our country, so has the looming NUCLEAR THREAT been known and discussed for over a decade.

The only way that America can survive is if we enter into discussions with our enemies and attempt to find common ground. All peoples on this planet have families that they love and care for. We all have other common needs such as food, shelter, medical care and education. The hubris and arrogance of our leaders toward non-Americans, especially non-Christians, is similar to our forefather's contempt for African slaves and Native Americans and our belief that they were less than human.

We must change our ways and open our hearts, if indeed we are a Christian nation as our leaders say we are. Instead of waging war against nations that may have legitimate disagreements with us, we must wage peace. If we would spend the same amount of money waging peace around the world that we spend waging war, our planet would be a far more peaceful place for our children and grandchildren, and terrorism can be largely if not totally dissipated.

The genuine and perhaps imminent NUCLEAR THREAT must be neutralized if we are to survive long-term as the nation that until recently has been admired world-wide as the beacon of hope, peace, prosperity and democracy.

George H. Russell

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